If there is doubt as to the veracity of your selected turbocharger persists, please contact us, ideally with one (or more) of the following: 

  • key numbers (only Germany)
  • Vehicle Identification Number (not all cars available) 
  • motor type (Italy and Austria) 
  • Power (kW or hp) 
  • Year (first registration) 
  • Vehicle Model (Astra, Golf II, IV Mondeo, etc.) 
  • Original spare part number 
  • turbocharger number (located on the nameplate of the turbocharger)

With one or more specified paramenter, we are sure to be able to find out the right charger for you.



We also want to point out point out that due to the thorough training of our CEO, the long clive work experience, some targeted training and competent suppliers, we are able to also in technical direction advise our customers with professional, friendly and competent and this both in range of turbochargers (and their damages, causes of failure) and in the area of ​​combustion engines and their components, sources of harm or of damage or remedies Give us a call!