in our new online shop of turbochargers you will find all chargers for Lombardini engines
our turbochargers are all original equipment, ie, we can offer you the same charger, how would you get even with your Lombardini-partner. Our replacement turbochargers are expertly repaired in northern Italy.

For all new charger you get of course 24 months, for the refurbished replacement charger 12 month of warranty
AND NOW NEW! Original factory replacement from the house of Garrett! 
immediately Garrett offers for the most popular turbochargers on an original reconditioned turbochargers in exchange with full warranty!
You can identify these chargers on G before the product name so G-AT and the logo Garrettreman

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Product no.: 49173-07310

mhilogo brandnew turbocharger in OE quality brand KKK without returning used part and 24 month of warranty

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Delivery weight: 2.48 kg

at the time not available

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